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Monday, September 30 2013


The Most Important Question



I want to ask a personal question today?



Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Friend and Savior?



Many of you know that I was not raised in a Christian home.  Aside from attending a few church services with friends, I knew very little about Jesus until I was eighteen years old.


After getting pregnant at seventeen and delivering a child at eighteen, I desired to offer our daughter a more stable and loving life.  I remember the day so clearly. As I sat on the floor of our small basement apartment, listening to Amy Grant, the love of Jesus filled the room where I was sitting.  His acceptance of me and all my mistakes was overwhelming.


In the stillness of that moment, I surrendered everything to Him. 


No, I was not in a church service. 


No, a pastor did not lead me in the sinner’s prayer. 


Yes, all of that is beneficial and good, but Jesus is everywhere, searching for those who are lost.  


That was ME!  



I was lost, afraid, and dreaming of a life far better than I was living.  As tears flowed down my face, the love of my heavenly Father began to saturate my heart with peace. 





Ahhh...isn’t that what you need today?  Could you use a good dose of REAL PEACE?


I dare you!  Yes, I said, “I dare you to try JESUS.”  I can testify that He has never forsaken me even once in 25 years and I have never turned my back on Him.  He is my best friend, the One on whom I can constantly depend.  Like a true shepherd, He has led me into the blessed life: one of acceptance, joy, peace, love and true contentment.


Do not confuse Him with RELIGION.  He wants to have a RELATIONSHIP with you. 


If you have never accepted Him into your life, you can right now.  


There in your living room, or wherever you may be, as you’re reading this from your phone or computer you can utter these words from your heart:




“Jesus, I need you. I want you in my life.  I surrender everything to you, my past and my failures. I believe that YOU died on the cross just for ME and You rose from the grave as triumphant King.  Come into my life this day and set me free.”





If you prayed this prayer and you desire to speak to someone about your experience, privately INBOX me or leave a comment under this Blog.  You will never regret this decision. 


I love you, 



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